About Me

​I discovered photography in 1994 with my first black and white film photography class and I was hooked!   I wanted to take pictures of everything and I still do!    I want to share my vision with the world.  I would spend hours in the darkroom perfecting that one image. Then one Christmas, my husband bought me a digital camera and everything changed. I was able to photograph more in a single session, especially when it comes to events and concerts where I can easily shoot hundreds of images in a short period of time.

My favorite subjects to photograph were and still are food, people, performing artists, nature and anything macro. 

I love photographing the tiny details.

As far as music, I started photographing bands in bars and then that took off from there.  I love music and going to concerts, so naturally, I began work at a concert venue, as house photographer, for a few years.  I met tons of people while shooting some of my favorite bands!  It was great for networking as I met so many people who ended up hiring me for their promotion photos, weddings and other photographic ventures.

From rock n roll style weddings and dramatic portraits to food events and rock concerts, I have dabbled in many areas.

People | Concerts | Performing Arts | Events | Food | Nature | Abstract

I love to photograph all of it! 

As you can see by my portfolio, I have a wide range of subjects that I enjoy photographing. It keeps me motivated.  I love to capture moments in time for all to enjoy. 

I have had photos published in a variety of magazines including Guitar World, Bass Player, and AZ local magazines North Valley, Item,

Arizona Foothills and New Times.  

I prefer to capture images in natural and ambient lighting.  You get a sense of a raw & rustic feel to my food, people & concert photos.   

Here I am, ready to shoot the world!

Come join me on my photographic journey,

Thank you, Denise

Denise Elfenbein Photography